BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 Free Unlock Code [Windows & Mac]

By | June 15, 2013

Many professionals are familiar with the problem; quality loss caused by digital image magnification. Many fine art print services require images with a minimum resolution of 768×768 pixels to produce even the smallest prints they offer.

Upsized images often look pixelated or blurred and lack detail, but PhotoZoom Express gets going where others give up, using patented ‘S-Spline’ interpolation technology to enlarge low-resolution images without losing too much pixel quality. Photos shot for the Web or captured using smartphones are ideal for processing in PhotoZoom, and can be printed in large formats once the application has done its job.

BenVista PhotoZoom Express

BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 Free Download Unlock Code

Thanks to the promo offer by Digital Photography magazine and, you can download BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 with free unlock code (Windows & Mac)

1, Access this page and submit your Name, Email, and Operating System (Windows or Mac).

2, Check your email and confirm activation

3, You will receive another email from [email protected] with your free unlock code.

4, Download BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4

5, Install and activate with the received free unlock code.

Note: The giveaway version (BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0) is a highly restricted “wizard driven interface version”. It is features limited compared to the full version of the software.

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