Capture One Express 6 Full Version Version Free Download Serial Key

By | December 15, 2013

Capture One Express 6 is an essential RAW converter and image editor which support a wide range of camera and gives you the power to achieve the ultimate image quality from your raw files.  Capture One Express provides a logical, step-by-step workflow throughout the optimization process from captured image to the final output result. Large volumes of images can be effectively processed to deliver stunning effects with the highest quality. It uses the same state-of-the-art image processing engine and interface as Capture One Pro, but omits some features such as tethered shooting.

Capture One Express 6

Capture One Express 6 Key Features:

  1. Extensive camera raw file support: Supports raw formats from more than 250 cameras and digital backs.
  2. Complete photography workflow: Get all the essential tools and performance in one photography software package to capture, organize, edit, share and print your images in a fast, flexible and intuitive workflow.
  3. Accelerated image editing and processing: Get your work done fast with high performance raw, jpeg and tiff image file editing and processing through cross-platform 64-bit support, which takes full advantage of the advanced memory handling capabilities of the latest Mac and Windows operating systems – faster performance which does not compromise image quality.
  4. Incredible interactive speed: Tap into the vast computing power in your graphics processor and CPU and use it to accelerate your editing tasks. The new OpenCL support will let you experience incredible interactive editing speed.

Capture One Express 6 Latest Version Free Download Serial Number / License Key

1. Visit the promo page here, and click on the “Add to cart” button.

2, Click on “Check out” button.

3, Login or sign up as a new user.

4, Add voucher code PFB2013, and then press “Confirm voucher” button. Your order total should be USD 0,00 now.

5, Now press “Next” button and follow the steps to complete the order. No payment info is required.

6, After you complete the order, you will be given the free license key and download link for Capture One Express 6 (Windows & Mac). Serial Key and other informmation will als be sent to your registered email address.

7, Download & isntall the software. Start it, a activation wizard will pop up where you have to select “Activate” option and press “Activate”. Then enter your license and your profile details to fully activate the software

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  1. NoOne-Xpress6

    There is only One problem. There are nowhere a download for
    Capture One Express 6. only for 7 or other versions.


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