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  1. Henry Wortmann

    I bought some version of YoWindow last year for my Toshiba Qosmio laptop computer, and it worked fine until today, Now it just freezes. I have uninstalled the program three times and re-Toshioba, ainstalled it three times to no avail. I have another laptop, a Toshiba Satellite and the program works as it should. I made a copy of the program on the Satellite, installed it on the Qosmio, all to no avail. Now what? O, these are Windows 7 machines.
    Registration number: (removed)
    Right now all I can add is @#[email protected]!%^&*^&^%$#!!! Why? Because trying to get through all the “free” crap has gotten me nowhere. but pissed.

    1. FreebieSoft Editorial Team

      Dear Henry, Sorry for the delayed response. For your problem, you should contact official customer service for help:


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