Giveaway: Magic Uneraser Home v4.1 for Free

By | April 1, 2018

Magic Uneraser is a data recovery tool allowing you to restore lost and deleted information from a variety of storage media. The product offers blazing fast recovery speed, is simple to use and easy to learn. A fully guided step-by-step wizard will assist you through the entire recovery process. Just choose the disk that had files and folders you want to recover, click a button, and Magic Uneraser will locate all recoverable files and folders all by itself.

Magic Uneraser

Magic Uneraser can find and recover information from severely damaged disks and memory cards, even if it’s completely corrupted, reformatted, or cannot be accessed by Windows at all. The program can even recover the file names from formatted and damaged disks, which is totally unique for its class of products. To recover files from corrupted and formatted disks, Magic Uneraser performs the complete scan of a damaged disk, reading information sector by sector in order to detect known file types and calculate the exact position of a file on the disk. By analyzing information it reads from the disk surface, Magic Uneraser is able to determine the exact beginning, length and position of a file. More often than not, the original file name is also discovered. Of course, if you only want to undelete an erased file, Magic Uneraser will do that in a snap.

Giveaway: Magic Uneraser Home v4.1 for Free

Magic Uneraser Home v4.1 is available for $39.95,but it will  be free as a time-limited offer.

Official Site: Link

Download Giveaway Package: Link

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