[Giveaway] O&O Syspectr Pro Free 1 Year License Code

By | March 17, 2015

O&O Syspectr Pro is an easy to use web application that monitors your PCs and servers behind the scenes and keeps you constantly informed of any possible problems before they become a problem and cause any damage: Are Windows security measures in place on all PCs and servers, have all relevant security updates been installed or has a new piece of software been discovered that actually should not be there? And by monitoring hard disk parameters, you’ll be given early warning about any disk that’s on the verge of crashing. All such information can be called upon every current browser, not only over PCs but also over Smartphones or Tablets and from anywhere in the world.

O&O Syspectr Pro

O&O Syspectr Pro doesn’t just monitor, it also provides active assistance: the integrated Remote Desktop allows you to help your users directly on their PCs whenever the need arises. The only thing you need is an active browser and an end device with an internet connection. You’re at the airport and need to make a quick change in a setting for your bookkeeper? No problem! Or want to see what’s happening on a server? This can also be done with just a few clicks!. Using secure encryption from our German-based control center and two factor authentication, your entire system will be “in your pocket” whenever and wherever you want it. O&O Syspectr makes it easy to create a large number of system settings and with the Remote Console, you can fall back on the good old reliable command line as well.

O&O Syspectr Pro Key Features:

  • Monitors the condition of your systems and reports sudden shut downs.
  • Shows you at a glance all important Windows components such as CPU, Memory, hard disks etc.
  • Potential security gaps are spotted immediately and permanently monitored.
  • Monitors your antivirus programs and Windows Firewall to make sure that they are running fine.
  • Monitor Various S.M.A.R.T. values in your storage volumes notifies you in advance of approaching problems
  • Simply open up a command line on the remote computer to quickly check privileges or to help the user with any issues.

[Giveaway] O&O Syspectr Pro Free 1 Year License Code

The developer of O&O Syspectr is giving away free registration codes of the program until June 30, 2015. To grab your free copy, visit the giveaway pages below and register.

Giveaway Page 1 ( 3 PCs and one Server license)

Giveaway Page 2 (Syspectr Pro license)

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