[Giveaway] Sticky Password Pro Free with 100% off Coupon Code

By | April 20, 2013

It is not safe to use the same user name and password on multiple sites but trying to remember dozens or hundreds of different secure passwords borders on impossible. Sticky Password Pro helps solve this problem. Sticky Password is a reliable password manager that includes auto-fill capabilities, helps you log on to the website easier.. It creates, organizes, encrypts, and stores strong passwords and other personal information for you. There’s no need to remember any of your passwords, since the application stores them securely for you. Need to come up with new passwords? Just let Sticky Password 6.0 auto-generate one for you, and you can be sure that it’ll be stronger than anything your human brain can come up with. And if you come across one of those long forms, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Sticky Password 6.0 can fill out the entire form in just a single click!

Sticky Password Pro supports almost all known browsers, including, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Flock and Maxthon; and works with popular application like FileZilla, Dropbox, Skype, iTunes, and much much more.  It also includes both a free portable and iPhone version, which can provide you with your login information regardless of your location.

Sticky Password Pro

Sticky Password Pro Key Features:

  • Securely store your passwords without needing to remember them
  • Automatically log you into any password-protected website
  • Fill out tedious online forms quickly and accurately.
  • Generate the strongest passwords possible and manages them for you
  • One-click form filling! Sticky Password fills in tedious online forms quickly and accurately.
  • Sticky Password integrates with your browser and applications so your passwords and data are always ready when you need them.
  • Import passwords from your existing browser or password manager
  • Download available for: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, iOS 4.x or higher

[Giveaway] Sticky Password Pro Free with 100% off Coupon Code

Starting today (April 20) and ending on Monday (April 22), you can download the professional version of the application, no strings attached. Simply head to the download page to get it. The coupon code that enables the 100% discount is available in the archive.

Use the coupon on this page in order to receive the license and be able to activate the product, which is regularly priced at $29.99/ €23.95.

In order to benefit from the giveaway you have to activate the product before the offer expires on Monday, April 22. Thanks Softpedia to for this giveaway.

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