O&O Defrag 15.8 Professional Edition Free Serial Number

By | March 9, 2013

File fragmentation is one of the key reasons behind system slowdown. To get long-term, maximum speed out of every computer, it is important that your data is organized systematically. O&O Defrag Professional Edition is a comprehensive and highly configurable defragmentation tool which does everything that can be done to activate the hidden performance of your computer and pack file fragments efficiently and securely together. Its powerful engine and advanced disk optimization techniques guarantee the best possible results and its extensive features will satisfy both novice and experienced users.

With its auto-defragmentation feature enabled by default , O&O Defrag 15.8 Professional Edition acts in real time while your system is idle to prevent a loss in performance of your computer as well as a renewed fragmentation, without interfering in a computer’s performance. This will allow you to save time compared to running a manual defragmentation.  You can also set O&O Defrag to run defragmentation at a certain level of fragmentation, on particular days of the week, or whenever your screensaver is being used. Defragmentation can be paused and resumed whenever you want because O&O Defrag automatically recognizes where defragmentation was interrupted. All in all, O&O Defrag Professional Edition can easily replace the in-built defragmentation tool of your OS which takes  so long that many users don’t take advantage of it, even with scheduling.Defrag Pro’s speed, flexibility, and ease of use combined with its unique ability to prevent data fragmentation answers every shortcoming. If you are looking for good disk defragmentation tool, this one might very well be the right one.


O&O Defrag 15 Professional Edition

O&O Defrag 15.8 Pro Key Features

  • Remote control in the same network
  • Analysis of all drives at program start
  • Manufacturer-independent optimization of Solid State Drives
  • Various defragmentation methods
  • Zone filing for optimal file arrangement
  • Optimized control of zone filing
  • Enhanced automatic optimization in the background
  • Screen Saver Mode: Optimizes the PC while not in use
  • Quick configuration for an easy start
  • Resource management with O&O ActivityMonitor
  • Enhanced report management
  • Job Assistant for defragmentation schedule

O&O Defrag 15.8 Professional Edition Free Serial Number

O&O Defrag Professional Edition is normally priced at $29 per serial number. But there is a giveaway offer for you to get O&O Defrag 15.8 Professional Edition for free. It is not latest and just one version old. The latest is v16.

To grab your free copy, follow these steps:

1. Go tp the promo page here (Page in German). Enter your email address, and then press green button texted Kostenlose Lizenz Anfordern.

2, Wait for a few minutes,  check your email box. An email from O&O Software <[email protected]> should be there containing your registration info with download links for both x86 and X64 machines. The email will be in German language. So, remember in email Firma means Firm/Company, Seriennummer means Serial Number, etc. And of course the download links provided in the email is of the German edition of O&O Defrag 15.8

3,  Download the English edition of O&O Defrag 15.8 using the following links:

During registration, remember to use your email address for both as Name and Company. Finally, register it with the serial you received into your email.


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