O&O DiskStat 2 Pro Free Download With License Key

By | February 16, 2013

Regardless of whether at home or in a company network, ever-increasing amounts of data can severely slow down the time needed for accessing files and making backups. O&O DiskStat Pro is a high-power tool for analyzing the used disk space on your storage volumes.

With a Windows-Explorer type interface and a whole range of options to track down sources of wasted space, you can take a closer look at the file and folder structure of your internal and external drives. Through intuitive and beautiful graphical representations you will find out which files, file types and folders are taking up the most space. Once identified, you can get rid of the space-wasters on your disks, gaining space for new programs and data, and saving money you might have spent on a new disk.

O&O DiskStat 2 ProO&O Diskstat 2 Pro Edition Key Features:

  • Graphic display in the user interface
  • Quick Analysis of the File System Structure
  • Supports All Internal and External Drives
  • Intuitive and Appealing Representation of File and Folder Structure
  • Windows Explorer Look & Feel
  • Easily Find Files Occupying the Most Disk Space
  • Systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP. Full Support of 64-bit Systems

O&O DiskStat 2 Pro Free Download With License Key

1. Visit the promo page, enter your email address, and then click on the “Request Free License” button.

2. You will receive an email from [email protected] with your free registration info (Name, Company and License Key) and 32-bit/64-bit installer download links.

3. Alternately, you can directly download O&O DriveLed 4 Professional Edition (32 bit or 64 bit) from links given below.

O&O DriveLED 4 Professional Edition (32-bit): OODiskStat2ProfessionalEnu.exe

O&O DriveLED 4 Professional Edition (64-bit): OODiskStat2Professional64Enu.exe

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