Giveaway: SecureAPlus Premium 4.9.0 Free 2 Year License

By | May 30, 2018

SecureAPlus is a PC security solution that protects your computer With multiple layers of defense through its powerful yet simple Application Whitelisting, more than 10 anti-virus engines in the cloud with Universal AV, and a reliable (optional) Offline Anti-Virus.


It’s the perfect security upgrade you’ve always wanted in one lightweight application. It’s not just an Anti-Virus. The powerful Application Whitelisting technology ensures that only applications that you trust are run by your computer. All malicious attacks that slip by unwary users are always detected and initially blocked. It puts you, not anyone else, in control. Best of all, its fast and easy – after the initial full system scan, subsequent ones take less than a minute to complete.

SecureAPlus Premium 4.9.0 is available as a Giveaway of the day!You have limited time to download and install it.

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