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By | November 8, 2014

How many photos of your last holidays are still waiting for being edited? Are you looking for an easy way to touch up your photos? Do you want a program that will do it automatically for you?

Simply Good Pictures is one of the best fully automatic image optimizations for novice users and lazy photographers! Version 3 is composed of a complex network of psycho-visual and mathematical procedures, allowing the software to analyze any photo with high precision, provide visual optimization, and make it look more realistic. Using the before/after preview you can instantly see how much Simply Good Pictures 3 can still get out of your pictures.

Simply Good Pictures 3

The most essential component to this process is the reconstruction of the image in a way consistent with how the human eye would have seen it. Simultaneously, an innovative selective object detection algorithm ensures that the only parts of the picture to be optimized are the parts which need to be. With this process, Simply Good Pictures is practically a fully automated photo lab in your pocket: pictures receive a widened dynamic range, human faces in the picture are detected and optimized by relevance, exposure mistakes and colors are corrected, and shadows are lightened. The software can apply any and all of these functions without any required user action.

Simply Good Pictures Key Features:

  • Automatic object recognition: manipulates only those image parts, which help optimize the overall impression!
  • Repair your pictures!
  • Fully automatic re-adjustment of tonality!
  • Fully automatic re-sharpening!
  • Fully automatic contrast optimization!
  • Touching-up of image through higher definition!
  • Colour-intensive photos through re-sharpening of matt colours!
  • Manipulation of colours to get more cheerful images!
  • Fully automatic system for hue control and saturation!
  • Fully automatic system for white balance.
  • Fully automatic system for bright/dark correction.
  • Elimination of fog and other weather influences.
  • Elimination of undesired colour casts.
  • Supported input formats: JPG, BMP, TIFF and RAW (.raw, .crw, .orf, .3fr, .nef, .tiff, .raf, .nrw, .dng, .cr2 and .arw)

[Giveaway] Simply Good Pictures 3 Free Download License Key

How to grab your free License Key for Simply Good Pictures 3  (worth $ 24.99):

1, Visit this registration page and enter the required details.

2, You will receive a confirmation email from Engelmann Media GmbH <[email protected]> in a few minutes. Click on the confirmation link.

3, You soon will receive another email with the free license key.

4, Download Simply Good Pictures 3: simplygoodpictures3-full-setup.exe [6.19 MB]

5, Install and unlock full version with free license key.

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