Steganos Password Manager 15 Free Registration Code

By | June 22, 2015

Designed for individuals who want to want to securely store all of their account log-in information and PIN codes in one central place,Steganos Password Manager enables users to safely transport and access this information, whether at home, at work or on the go. The software comes with free apps for iPhone and Android mobile devices, and also enables secure transport of passwords via USB stick.

Steganos Password Manager also features a password generator, which individuals can use to create a secure password in just one click. Moreover, it automatically populates account log-in pages with the correct user name and password. Users only need to remember one password to access the application or can opt to open it with the visual PicPass option instead.

Steganos Password Manager 15

Steganos Password Manager 15Key Features:

  • Store all your passwords, access codes and PIN numbers in one highly secure, 256-Bit AES encrypted list. You only ever have one master password to remember!
  • Secure Portable Access Anywhere! Save your passwords to a USB stick so they can be securely used on any other PC – without any extra software or tricky installation
  • Mobile Password Privacy Management. Enjoy the benefits of password privacy even on the road! Store, manage, create and delete passwords, access codes and PIN numbers on all Windows based SmartPhones and PDA devices
  • Generate Highly Secure Passwords with Password Generator
  • Assess the strength of passwords you have keyed in yourself, to ensure that you are give your data the most secure protection.
  • Online Form Filling Made Easy. Steganos Password Manager eliminates annoying form filling and protects you against keyloggers by entering your personal information with a one-click auto-fill function – perfect for competitions, registering accounts, online shopping orders and more.
  • Ultimate Protection Against Keyloggers with instant logins and a virtual keyboard feature.
  • Password Auto-Fill – Instant Login. Automatically enters your passwords for website logins with one click – perfect for saving you time and keeping your passwords protected.
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Prevent your keyboard strokes from being recorded with the virtual keyboard. This is an invaluable tool to protect against keylogger attacks, particularly when working on remote PCs.
  • Steganos PicPass. Lets you access Steganos Password Manager by selecting a series of images instead of a password. A perfect solution to avoid keying in a long complicated password and protecting you from keylogger attacks.

[Giveaway] Steganos Password Manager 15 Free Registration Code

To get your free registration code of Steganos Password Manager 15 (value $29):

1. Visit this registration page, enter your valid email address and click on the “OK” button.

2. You will receive an email from [email protected] with your free registration code.

3. Download Password Manager: spm15intwr.exe [13.5 MB]. Install and use the free registration code to activate full version.

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