Wondershare Video Editor Free Download License Key (Windows & Mac)

By | March 14, 2014

Wondershare Video Editor is an easy-to-use video editor with all the video editing tools you need, enabling you to create a professional-looking home movie with titles, effects and transitions from all regular videos, audio and photos.

Wondershare Video Editor works great with video shot by any type of digital camera, camcorder, mobile device, etc.—and with all major standard and HD video formats. Or, if you want, record and edit video directly from your computer’s webcam. It’s easy, utilizing classic editing functions like trim, crop, Split,  rotate, and professional extras like stylish title screens, colorful filter effects, transition/motion effects. When your masterpiece is complete, export it to one of an array of common standard and HD video formats, as well as optimized formats to fit mobile devices. Need to share now? Make them web-ready to upload to online video sharing sites. What’s more, you can even burn DVD to preserve videos in a better way!

Wondershare Video Editor

Wondershare Video Editor Key Features:

  • Weave amazing movies with any format video, audio & photos
  • Personalize home video with picture-in-picture, filters, transitions & more
  • Edit video/audio/photos with classic features like trim, split, & crop
  • Smart Scene Detection intelligently splits video into segments
  • Share your movies anywhere: TV, YouTube, Facebook, iPhone & More

Wondershare Video Editor Free Download License Key

Wondershare Video Editor is priced at $39.99 but as part of the developer’s promo offer, you can get a full version copy for free of charge. The giveaway will be valid for today & tomorrow only (48 hours on March 14 & 15, 2014). Don’t miss it.

To grab the license code, visit this giveaway page, enter your name and email address to receive the activation details.Check your email spam folder, some times mails from Wondershare are marked as spam. This giveaway is applicable for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Download Wondershare Video Editor For Windows | For Mac. Install and unlock full version with received license key.

50 thoughts on “Wondershare Video Editor Free Download License Key (Windows & Mac)

  1. copmayor

    have real liked it but it is reouesting for a product key can you help me just for Gods sec because i want to to edit my simple home video plse

    1. FreebieSoft Post author

      Sorry but this software was available as a giveaway for 48 hours only on March 14 & 15, 2014, this giveaway is not available any more. Better luck next time.

  2. copmayor

    its a wonderful program have given it a try, i like it, but can you help me and i get the product key or licence code please help me

  3. khalid

    ser request license code for wondershare video editor

  4. razz srivastav

    sir i am want to licenckey please send to me licence key

  5. Welcome

    help i’m in need of wondershare registration code and license email

  6. Rasil

    Hello….i am using wondershare video editor 2 in my mac but i don’t have registration code. but i already make something in that editor i cant export this can you help me please. how can i export without key….can you give key or email Mr. Expert
    please :/

  7. Nedy

    Hi, can i ask email and license or registered code for wondershare version 4.1.2?

  8. flowernevvary

    please can you send me registered email and registed code it looks like this app works owesome to me

  9. Marl Kons

    Hi, I have noticed that sometimes this website shows a 403 error. I figured you would be keen to know. All the best

  10. bhat gulzar

    I need free licenced e-mail and registration code for wondershare video editor. please help me.. thank you so much

  11. Ading

    I need free licenced e-mail and registration code for wondershare video editor. please help me.. thank you so much!

    1. FreebieSoft Editorial Team Post author

      Dear Ading, sorry but this giveaway offer is no longer available now.The only way to get the key is either by waiting for a similar promo or buy it.

  12. mark

    hi can anyone help me to have email and registration code of wondershare video editor…??
    someone please help me to use my wondershare..

  13. makbeat

    Alo Freebie,
    So, as you say the offer is no longer available??
    How can i manage then to get the wondershare video editor for mac then…??
    please let me know something…

    1. FreebieSoft Editorial Team Post author

      Sorry Denis, the offer is no longer available now.

  14. Tonic

    Can i also get the registration code and email. Can seem to understand the process. Email me at alfamediatuner(at)gmail.com

  15. Lea

    Where can I register? I don’t understand the words and even if I translate it to English, I cant find anywhere the box wherein you are supposed to put your email address help me please I really need this software

  16. Laura S

    Hello, I’m wondering if I am in the States if I can use your e-mail and key for Wondershare Video editing please? Thanks in advance

  17. errianda

    Hi! appreciate me if you could give me valid email id and registration code please.thanks!

  18. Mackenzie

    please send me licensed e-mail and registration code please.

  19. Paseka

    I like to use this software, it looks like is the best to me. So please send me licensed e-mail and registration code please.

    1. Freebies4u Editorial Team Post author

      Hi Paseka,

      Thank you for your interest! You will receive the registration information shortly via email. If you do not find in your mailbox, please check the spam folder of your email also!

      The email is in German language.

  20. oliver

    i am asking registration code for wondershare software video editor

  21. devin swinney

    can i get the registration code and email ?? can somebody send it to my email please

  22. Abbers

    The key vrfjw-xtkx2-jaeux-nw8zr-ks7sv works for me!

    Thank you so much!

  23. Ally

    I need free licenced e-mail and registration code for wondershare video editor but I haven’t some money. I can help me this problem?

    1. Freebies4u Editorial Team Post author

      Hi Ally, Sorry for the delayed response. You should have received an email with your registration details. If the e-mail hasn’t arrived within 15 minutes, please check your spam, bulk or junk mail folder to locate it.

    1. freebies4u Post author

      Hi David, just tested and verified, the activation code vrfjw-xtkx2-jaeux-nw8zr-ks7sv is still working.

    2. rohith

      im also getting like pirated key my friend we cant do any thing

      1. Freebies4u Editorial Team Post author

        Hi rohith, Just tested and verified, offer is still working.

        Note that if you are using Chrome / Gmail, turn off the automatic language translation feature first to copy and paste the license key / license email. Google Translate will give you an incorrect input and not allow the registration.


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