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By | August 6, 2013

Zemana AntiLogger is a top-rated anti-keylogger software that efficiently eliminates threats from keyloggers, SSL banker trojans, spyware, and more. Zemana AntiLogger does not rely on virus signature updates and file scanning like the traditional anti-virus programs do. Instead, it uses sophisticated behavioral analysis to monitor your PC in real-time, taking note of suspicious activity. It can tell if somebody is recording your keystrokes, searching your hard drive, or tampering with your system. Zemana AntiLogger responds immediately to malware threats, and locks out the thieves, instantly  – before it can steal your identity or hurt your computer.

The AntiLogger is designed to work with your anti-virus. While an anti-virus application will protect you against a wide range of known forms of malware, the AntiLogger is able to stop advanced, new, and niche threats developed with a specific objective: to steal your private information or access your secure internet connections.

Zemana Antilogger

Zemana Antilogger Key Features:

  • Anti-KeyLogger Module. Keyloggers are malware specifically designed to steal the high-value information you give out while using the Internet for e-shopping, e-commerce, e-banking and email. Keylogger attacks are becoming more complex with newly designed keylogging and monitoring methods.The Anti-KeyLogger module proactively detects keyloggers at work and shuts them down.
  • Anti-Screen Logger Module. A screen logger takes snapshots of your screen. It sends these back to the kind of people you would not want to have watching as you—say—opened an email containing your login details for a ‘secure’ Internet site, or read a commercially sensitive message. The Anti-ScreenLogger module proactively detects screen loggers at work and shuts them down.
  • Anti-WebCam Logger Module. A webcam logger can take real-time snapshots of whatever your webcam sees, and share them with criminals, blackmailers, stalkers and other unscrupulous people. Some of this hi-tech spyware can even switch on your webcam, without triggering the “on” light. (Think about that for a moment.) Webcam loggers have around for nearly half a decade. Zemana AntiLogger is the first commercial software to offer real protection against this threat to privacy.
  • Anti-Clipboard Logger Module. A clipboard logger can get around most security software to spy on your clipboard and report back to its masters. Too bad if it finds your unencrypted electronic banking details… The Anti-ClipboardLogger module proactively detects clipboard-loggers at work and shuts them down.
  • System Defense Module. The System Defense Module guards your computer’s important system areas from instability and worse in the event of an attack.
  • Windows Vista, XP,  7, and 8 compatible

Zemana Antilogger Free Download 1 Year License Key Code

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